Eurotransplant Jubilee Website 2017

In 2017, Eurotransplant celebrates its 50th anniversary. For this occasion, a Jubilee Congress is organized from October 4–6, 2017 (instead of the regular Annual Meeting). This international, both medical and political congress takes place in the Leiden area, where the heart of the Eurotransplant history lies.

Samen met het team van Eurotransplant ontwikkelden wij een jubileum website en campagne, waarbij ook medische Abstracts en aanmeldingen autotimatisch worden geregistreerd.

Er is gekozen voor ‘Together on a live-saving mission..!’ als uitgesproken boodschap voor het vijftig-jarig jubileum.

Together on a life-saving mission: it’s the main theme for the Jubilee Congress but more importantly: it’s what we stand for. As our mission is still as important as it was 50 years ago, the Jubilee Congress focuses on highlighting the achievements of the past and present. Even more important it also provides a platform to discuss innovations, future technologies and procedures in transplant medicine.